Samsung H6470 series has been improved and faster satellite tuner frequency brilliant Full HD picture, as it will get almost unlimited supply of entertainment. Thanks to the 3D image while watching TV completely immerse you into the action. Among the technologies used excels Wide Color Enhancer Plus uses an advanced algorithm improve picture quality. Eco Sensor will make sure optimum image brightness based on light in the room. Hassle watching fast action movies and sports broadcasts procure 400Hz Clear Motion Rate technology, which effectively eliminates any blur. A unique feature is the conversion of a standard 2D video content to 3D.

Extended Mode Soccer arrange for improved picture and sound live streaming - watch every hit and a goal as if you were sitting in the stands. The impressive surround sound effect puts you in the middle of the action. Once the mode is switched on (and have attached disk), it will also switch automatic recording. Auto Highlights responds to the change in sound level (eg. When scored), distinguished moment in the TV automatically saved to make him see them again later and assess the situation with their friends. You can simultaneously view live and recorded matches, and enjoy the ultimate home experience of football.

4-core performance processor allows to perform operations simultaneously and at high speed, which will translate to a smoother switching between control and content. Smart Hub will discover great apps, movies, TV programs and contributions in social networks. Smart View 2.0 transmits TV broadcasts to mobile devices, making it possible to watch via television anywhere within range of the network. Conversely, the contents of mobile devices can easily be mirrored on the TV screen. Applications in connection with the performance mean that you can find on the Smart Hub and various game categories for direct play on TV.

TV interface reigns Quaternary HDMI version 1.4 inputs, signaling support for 3D and audio return channel. With their help you enjoy games on the latest gaming consoles and movies from Blu-ray players of the highest quality. Set of three USB 2.0 ports are used to connect storage to which you upload watched television shows including timeshift live TV Time Shift. With a camera waiting for you Skype calls and enhanced features for voice control. Instantly adjust volume, change the channel, launch the desired application, or you'll simply move around the website.

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