Life-like Colour

LG OLED TV’s unique 4 Colour Pixel enables natural expression of every shade and hue. Whatever you watch will be so real and tangible that you will feel like you are right there seeing it with your naked eyes. It will maximize your viewing experience with truly life- like colour.

True Black

LG OLED TV has finally achieved perfect expression of black, a realm previously unattainable by ordinary television. Self-lighting pixels can control their own luminance, so black and dark colours can be expressed with perfection never seen before. Even in dark scenes, every detail is lively and visible.

Clear Motion

The response speed of LG OLED TV is over one thousand times faster than LED TV, allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes like sports or action movies with completely blur-free, crystal-clear pictures. Now enjoy It is no longer restrained by the slow response rates and frame rates, and shows motion the way it is seen in real life.

Curved Screen

The screen has been curved to naturally fit our vision range and is the most optimal form for any display,providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes. Shaped after the natural form of human sight and vision, the screen is more comfortable and the images more real.

Customers Reviews
Great TV with amazing black levels
By Thomas a year ago
This TV has the best picture I've ever seen on any TV ever. The black levels are stunning. Seeing people wearing black suits, black hair, stars in space (Dr Who), anything really that involves black - well, its simply stunning. I've spent the last week saying "ooh, look at that" to my wife. Even she agrees its an amazing image. HD sky is great, blu ray stunning, netflix is also great. I compared this to 4k TV's and at 55" this blows them away. There isn't even any 4k content or media yet, so really no comparison. Perhaps in 4 years it might be relevant, but right now, i think this TV has the best image obtainable for a sensible amount of money.
By John a year ago
I will try and confine this review to my everyday viewing experiences and not get bogged down in often meaningless technical jargon.I have lived with the LG 55EC930V for a couple of months now, during which time I have thrown just about every genre of media at it, broadcast, recorded, downloaded, you name it I think I have tried it. You are treated to the most beautifully rendered images I have ever seen on a TV. The deepest of deep blacks, even better than the old Pioneer Plasmas, ultra sharp images with colours that are an absolute joy to behold, leaping of the screen and immersing you in the programmes content. Do yourself a favour play a few of your favourite Blu Rays, I guarantee it will be as though you are viewing them for the first time. 3D is breathtaking, none of those silly need charging, shutter, darken the image glasses, the ones supplied are Cinema style, indeed you can happily use the ones you bring home from the cinema.
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