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Imagine that you are on a trip in a foreign city. Would you know how to find the nearest restaurant or hotel where you can stay overnight?
AZ-europe is the perfect guide to Europe, which provides information about local companies, hotels, accommodation and much more.
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1.Simple control
Using AZ-europe is easy. During development we have focused on ease of use while maintaining rich functionality. AZ-Europe can really handle everyone! Nothing to download or install. Sign up, create a page and that's it. Our system for creating websites is instinctive and by adding your content, we can help you.
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2.Rich functionality
AZ-europe has the most advanced editing system on the market. Our system is constantly evolving and updating. It uses the latest trends in web design, internet and website development.
3.Speed of administration
The AZ-europe system is built on modern technologies, so it works as quick as a flash! Downloading of administration pages we count in tens of milliseconds. In addition, the page can be updated immediately. Every modification of the content after saving will appear immediately on the page. So your website visitors will always have current information.
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pages will not takemore than a 2 minutes.
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4.Large wall without ads
For each page created on AZ-europe you will get a full presentation with a package of benefits and the large wall is just one of them. Through this wall you can be permanently in contact with your customers. Share news, events, photos and reach more customers.
5.Interactive gallery with large images
Create a photo gallery, where you can interactively resize images. The gallery will have a professional and attractive look. You can also draw attention to important photos by enlarging them. Check a demo to see how simple it is.
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Promote badge serves to visually distinguish your page from other promoting. The badge will appear on your page and listed in the catalog for the whole duration.
6.Top your page PRO
Top your page means placement at the top of lists in the catalog and in search, which increases your chance of interesting visitors. At the same time we will display a TOP sign on your page for the duration of validity. If you have a prepaid PRO plan then your page will be automatically top for the duration of your PRO plan.
7.Automatic translation into 29 languages
All content on your page is automatically translated into 29 European languages​​. Appealing to more than 500 million Europeans. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant or advertising agency, join the thousands of registered users and get a fully fledged page with wall, gallery, menus and other advantages.
8.Detailed statistics about the visitors
By using the statistics you can monitor views of your presentation and also the number of visitors who have viewed it. You can see from what country they came to your presentation and in what language they explored it. In addition, you can see which parts of your presentation interested them most.
the benefits of registration
1. Easy control
2. The rich functionality
3. The speed of administration
4. Great Wall
5. Advanced gallery
6. Promote page
7. Automatic translations
8. Detailed Statistics
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