Koreans get it distributed to Americans. See amazing drum battle.This video was created by accident during a military festival Gyeryong Military Culture Festival, held in Okinawa, Japan. Members of the American III Marine Expeditionary Force Band was met in the parking lot with the South Korean Army Group. Small enough provocation and arch rivals it among themselves distributed in the drum duel. Video proves that music can overcome the language barrier. Who was better? That's up to you.We'll show you how easy it is to make candles orange, canned tuna and a piece of butterThis imaginative video is the work of an Englishman named Dave Hax, which will show you how simple manner using things that can be found commonly at home to create a candle. First used packaging of cheese and a piece of newspaper, then managed with butter and a cotton drawstring, canned tuna and a string, crayons and finally surprised with orange peel and olive oil. As worded different sounds in different languages? You will be surprised!Have you ever wondered whether the sound, the snoring sounds just like us, in other countries? Believe it not. The sound of a kiss sounds in China because sounds completely different to ours. This and other sounds really interesting to see the next really humorously treated photogallery. It has to do with James Champan, which focuses on the text of such sounds in different parts of the world. Audible applause.On mňaučaní cats consistently several countries.Crying in different languages ​​See vidoklip interesting music, which is a combination of voices and sounds from the movie Harry PotterThe original video has to do with Pogo and Jeesh. It is not, however, the soundtrack to the film of wizard Harry Potter. This is a unique remix in which the author used only the actor's voices sounds that were heard in the film. It all added great music and original video clip is in the world. It is not, however, a complete novelty. In this way already created a remix of the film Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.Do you know what it is? Thus beautifully grains of sand look at 300 × magnification.Did you have an idea about how could look like a grain of sand under a microscope? Surely you did not expect that it would look like fascinating. These huge images are the work of Dr. Gary Greenberg, who photographed ordinary grains of sand under a microscope at 300 × magnification.In its 33 years Dr.Greenberg is devoted exclusively to photography and filming, but then moved from Los Angeles to London, where he subsequently received his doctorate in biomedical research. And it was he who inventVideo, in which you two guys show off amazing tricks with balance. This will surely amaze you.In this unique video will show you the two Hungarian brothers Barnabas and Sebestyen, and will show you a simple way but with perfect visual experience to actually balance works. The video is accompanied by a beautiful song by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, which perfectly equalized balance between what you see. See video of actual birds tweetujúcichYou know what really is the name of the social network Twitter? We can translate this as čvirikanie. The founders actually pointed out that social networks can be to communicate only a limited number of characters, therefore, short reports, as such čvirikanie. Therefore, even in the logo we can see a small bird.Latvia same artist named Voldemars Dudums, decided to allow Tweety. Get by just with the keyboard, stainless steel screws and unsalted fat. The rest was just for the birds. See for yourUnique combination of artists in one song. Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Chris Martin, One Direction in a new video clip.English BBC proved impossible. To record the remake of the world famous The Beach Boys have invited many world artists that accompany a great orchestra.Group The Beach Boys you certainly do not imagine every one of you knows at least one song they like Good Vibrations, Surfin' USA and California Girls.BBC Music and skrsla unique idea to remake their song God only knows who wanted to celebrate the love of all music. Cooperation have invited artists such as Pharell Williams, Dave Grohl, Lord, Chri18 humorous failures on the beach. Now have fun!Summer is already over, but why do nezaspomínať those pleasant moments? See our selection of 18 funny moments that took place at various beaches and are reflected in the photos that will surely entertain. Follow the images below and you will not believe your eyes.World celebrities, which should certainly beautiful children togetherMost celebrities look spectacular, either by nature or help them hand handy plastic surgeon. But can you imagine that would look even better? Designers are conditions played a bit with their faces and created a really beautiful face by combining two different stars. And as if about to look like? It is no longer a look for yourself.  Ariana Grande + Iggy AzaleaSelena Gomez + Cara DeLevingneZayn Malik Liam Payne +Katy Perry + Megan FoxZac Efron + Colton HaynesHarry Styles + Chase CrawfordMiley CyWhat looks better? On those muscled, or cute puppies? We do not decide!Bunch of true lovers of dogs revealed the lens of his manly chest and bodies vyšportované. Photos incurred, were used for charitable project organization Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue. The organization released a calendar for 2015, which are vyfotené rescued puppies which are looking for new owners. Proceeds from this sale will be donated to the shelter. Calendar had a really great response. It is not clear whether, for these four-legged darlings, or because a known fact that most of these vym31 hairstyles retro style, that when you see them in life forget!So this is already too serious. We understand that sometimes these hairstyles fashion, but nowadays it is really funny to watch what was worn in the past. Please click through these 31 hairstyles that are seriously nowadays something incomprehensible, but there are still individuals who wears this style now. Have fun, I can guarantee it..


Russian Ilyushin disrupted airspace of Estonia and LatviaEstonian government on Wednesday informed the Russian ambassador summoned, which demanded an explanation from Tuesday's disruption of Estonian airspace Russian machine-Soviet production Ilyushin II-20th Foreign Ministry called it a serious disruption of their area.Russian aircraft have remained in foreign airspace for one minute and left him after he prepared NATO fighters captured in Lithuania. Yet on Tuesday, the Latvian government announced twice scrambles NATO in response to the disruption of its airspace over the Baltic Sea in the same Russian machine.NATO countries take turns filling the obligations airspace control over former Soviet countries - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. With RusŠefčovič proposed pillars for implementing the Energy UnionEuropean Union Energy, whose building will be in charge of Slovak President of the European Commission (EC) Šefčovič, is considered a new idea, but it is political scientists have begun to address some time ago and the gas crisis in 2009, attracts more attention of politicians.According to him, the very concept sounded for the first time in 2010 at a meeting of the then President of the European Parliament (EP) Jerzy Buzek, the former head of the European Commission Jacques Delors, while futuPolice caught a drunk driver, after two days in a cell diedAfter the police on Sunday, Oct. 19 arrested a drunk driver, after two days in a police cell died. Cops say that the detainee checked a few minutes ago and everything was fine. Man caught as Sunday drives drunk and he measured almost 2.5 per mille of alcohol. Informed the TV news Markiza.The man was in a police cell on Racianska street in Bratislava more than two days. When men like him before a judge, apparently not breathing. A man called in ambulance service. The ambulance arrived within 14 mSlovakia threatens heavy rain, forecasters issued a warningSlovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI) warns of heavy rains in eastern Slovakia.First Instance issued a warning for districts Poprad, Kežmarok, kindom, Sabinov, Bardejov, Svidník, Stropkov, Medzilaborce, Humenné Snina, Sobrance, Vranov, Prešov, Levo, Ves, Roznava, Gelnica, Košice-around, Košice -the city, Trebisov and Michalovce.Meteorologists predict rainfall in these districts from 30 to 50 mm, the warning is valid until Thursday, October 23 by 3:00.Rus to plow the collision with the aircraft about disorientationSnow plow driver, to which on Monday at Moscow's Vnukovo International Airport thrust plane, in his own words disorientation. Vladimir Martynenko for the Russian television said he was not aware that he entered the runway.Video: Footage of the wreckageRussian investigators voiced suspicion that the 60-year-old plow driver was drunk at the time, but what his family rejects. The accident took place in bad weather. "I did not see the lights, I did not see anything when the crash occurred," said MarSlovak gas company want less gas from Russia at a lower priceSlovak gas importer, the company Slovak Gas Industry (SPP), is negotiating with the Russian company Gazprom on a possible reduction in the purchase of gas, by 10 to 15 percent. Informed on Wednesday, Interfax news agency reported, citing Chairman Stephen Šabík SPP. CAP chief also said that his company also is negotiating with Gazprom on reducing gas prices.In early September, Gazprom started to deliver to Poland to Slovakia, Austria and Hungary less gas than requested. Agreement for five yearsŽilina smoothly advanced to the round of last Slovnaft CupFootballers MSK Zilina is expected to become the other party eight Slovnaft Cup 2014/2015 when in Wednesday's meeting on 4 wheels victorious on the field FK Bratislava Raca high 6: 0th"Šošoni" decided on their triumph in the very first štyridsaťpäťminútovke, after which they were 4: 0th Two goals the team coach Adriána ball took care Škriniar Milan, one exact hit gave the penalty. After one success Bojan added Leticia, Matej Jelič, Michal Škvarka and Luke Čmelík. Žilinčan in the eVojtěch Dyk with orchestra B - Side Band will perform in TrencinCzech actor and singer Vojtěch Dyk on Thursday along with the orchestra Brnianska B - Side Band featured in Trencin Piano Club. Unique assembly promises exceptional musical show.Son of the famous Czech literary historian and writer Radka Baggins has a B-Side Band performs three years. "We are trying to invite the foreign guests. Last year in December we lured Kurt Elling, who holds a Grammy. while it is not too well-known to the masses, but jazz world is the concept. together We had concerts inRosneft calls for Russia trillion rubles to repay obligationsRussian company Rosneft, which is the largest oil producer in the country, sought by more than two trillion rubles (RUB) from the fund of national wealth. Said on Wednesday Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Although the main purpose of the fund is to support the country's pension system, its finances were also used to support the gas company Novatek and VTB Bank, which, as Rosneft target of Western sanctions.We recommend:Gazprom does not concern the decline in oil prices is not a long-terBrodeur was to Canadian nominations received German CupThe nomination Canada's German Cup (November 7 to 9, Munich) is 22 hockey players, but there is no announced Martin Brodeur.Overseas media have speculated that the Bavarian metropolis could enter the goal maple leaves appear experienced goalie and rozchytať before possible entry into the NHL season. Goalkeeper pair created the German Cup seasoned Chris Mason and Sébastien Caron.The Canadian squad is fifteen players from the German DEL, five of the Swedish top league, two from Switzerland and oRichter wants legislation hitch abuse of teachersTeachers should not have more during summer holidays to leave the labor offices. Minister of Labour and Minister of Education announced today that they want legislative action to resolve some headmasters, teachers who accept fixed-term for 10 months. Over a two-month summer vacation and a teacher at the school in September it does not re-employed."In the future, should feel that the teaching staff can conclude an employment contract for a definite period, which shall not be less than the school Image: awarded by the Slovak Press Photo Awards, succeeded the SITAThe winners of the third edition of the Slovak Press Photo are known. One of the more than three dozen awards also won the SITA news agency photographer Jozef Jakubčo.Jakubčo won second place in the category Sport with a series of photos Golden occur. Valued announced on Wednesday at 18:00 in the Primate's Palace in Bratislava.As at today's press conference, said director John Garvoldtová competition, especially its pleased that the announcement of the opening of a confirmed participation of


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